About Viking Boat harbor


The History of Viking Boat Harbor, Inc.

Mr. Louis Folmer first formed this marina in 1915 and named it  "The Rendezvous". Mr. Folmer was at the helm until 1944, during which  time the following lines were sold:
Hackercrafts, Kermath Engines,

Scott Atwater Outboards and Champion Outboards.
In addition to these lines, Mr. Folmer also built a  line of 24' wooden launches with a cockpit at the stern and the engine  forward, under the long deck.  A marine railway extended from the large  storage shed out 200 feet into the lake and was used to launch and haul  the larger boats.


The largest boat hauled on the railway was an 85' PT boat in 1949, just after World War II. In 1944 Mr. Amos Shoberg and Mr. John Demelick bought the marina and renamed it DeBerg Boat Company.


DeBerg Boat Company. In November of 1947, George and Dee Honnila bought the marina  and again changed the name to Viking Boat Harbor.  In 1972 the marine  railway was retired and the marina upgraded to a 50 ton Travelift and  hoist slip system. 

Additional storage sheds were added across the road and today, upgrades continue.